Tanner Christensen

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Product designer at Facebook, living in Palo Alto, CA.

Creative Something

I recently created the hit creative education iPad app, Brainbean.

I'm the sole designer and developer behind a number of popular creativity apps: Prompts, Oflow, and Drwer.

In 2008 I started a blog about creativity and inspiration, called Creative Something. More than 100,000 people subscribe to the blog today.

I occassionally also blog over on Medium.

As of 2014, I regularly contribute at 99u by Behance, part of the Adobe family.

In August 2014 I launched my first digital class in collaboration with Skillshare: Productivity for Creatives.

I have a small series of inspirational quotes available at Startup Vitamins.

I am the former founder of digital publishing company Aspindle (defunct) and co-founder of creative design company UAO Agency (also defunct).

In 2011 I self published a book filled with creative techniques, called Think Unstuck.

Since 2001 I have been designing, you can see a small preview of my work on Dribbble.

Contact me on Twitter @tannerc, on LinkedIn, or by good old-fashioned email.


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