Tanner Christensen

Facebook Ads Manager

One of my first tasks at Facebook was working with a small team dedicated to redesigning the Ads Manager platform from the ground-up. In six months we not only designed an entirely new UI, we created a system of business interface patterns and successfully shipped an entire new platform for more than 2.5 million advertisers.

Our priority with the redesign was simplification. We set out to consolidate a number of previously separate tools into one: ad creation, management, and reporting. The benefit of combining each tool would be a more powerful platform for advertisers, as well as a more cohesive system for internal teams to build into.

We also knew from research and existing data that advertisers rarely work in a linear flow. Instead they prefer to jump in and out of whatever is most important in any moment, so the new Ads Manager would need to be easy to navigate and work fast above all else. Lightweight at-a-glance charts, spacious data tables, and intuitive interactions to signal where you're going (and where you're coming from) helped us accomplish these goals.

The feedback on the updated design was overwhelmingly positive. Marketing expert Jon Loomer said: "[The new Facebook ads manager] looks pretty slick. It's simplified and actually makes more sense than the previous setup." VentureBeat called the new platform "more streamlined." Social media marketing startup Buffer recently wrote: "Ads Manager is an amazing tool, offering everything you need to optimize your ads and deliver successful campaigns."

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